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One Hour Less Sleep
Article © MAIL User: Zlosk

This weave was created by thexnihil
Instructions by Zlosk
One Hour Less Sleep works best using rings with an aspect ratio around 6.4 (after springback). This works out to:

Steps 1 - 7 require (18) rings.
Each step 8 requires another (8) rings.
For this instruction set, new rings are gold and existing rings are silver.
Image: ohlsstep01bgblk.jpg1. Make a 2-4 chain.
Image: ohlsstep02bgblk.jpg2. Move the 2 center rings to the left.
Image: ohlsstep03bgblk.jpg3. Add on a 2-2 chain.
Image: ohlsstep04bgblk.jpg4. Move the newly added rings to the left and scrunch them together as shown.
Image: ohlsstep05bgblk.jpg5. Add a ring (through 6 existing rings).
Image: ohlsstep06bgblk.jpg6. Same as step 5, but on the opposite side.
Image: ohlsstep07bgblk.jpg7. Add 2 rings.
Image: ohlsstep08bgblk.jpg8. Same as step 3.
Image: ohlsstep09bgblk.jpg9. Same as steps 4, 5 and 6.
 10. Keep on repeating steps 7 through 9 until the chain is as long as required.
You're done!
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