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European Weave Coverings for Marbles
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

1) To begin with you will need one marble, a 1/2 inch ID ring (which should probably be of wire no larger than 14G) and the sheet weave you intend to use. The strip should be long enough to fit around the center of the marble, and wide enough that it comes forward of the thickest part of the marble on both sides. The rings in this example are 17G, 3/16 inch ID rings, and a 1/2 inch ID 14G ring. The marble is "normal" size, the same as what you find at most pet stores, home decorating stores, or as the smaller marbles in a child's marble game. The exact size may vary, but I have found that most marbles are around the same size.
Image: marble1.jpg

2) Attach the strip to the large ring as shown.
Image: marble2.jpg

3) Now link the two ends of the strip to form a little bag with the large ring as one side and one side open. Place the marble inside.
Image: marble3.jpg

4) Now you must contract the open side of the bag. I find with this particular design that making one or two of the outermost rings on the open side go through three links below them instead of two is enough. If you are using a different design, just contract as much as is necessary so that the open side is too small for the marble to fall out.
Image: marble4.jpg

5) And there you have the finished product.
Image: marble5.jpg

6) This basic theory can be easily adapted for different designs and different marble sizes. Here is an example of a very large marble where I didn't use a single large ring to frame one side. In this case, I just used as many contractions as I could fit on both sides.
Image: marble6.jpg
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