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The X links are made by taking a uncut coil and using a diagonal cutter to seperate the coil every 2 rings (no cuts are made yet). After I have 4 groups of 2 rings I cut the 4 groups from the coil. I leave a little extra wire on the end group - easier to trim it down then build it up.

I make a pile if these "links". Then I use a small wire cutter to trim the ends so the outside groups contain exactly 2 rings.

Then I use a needle nose jewelers plier to pry the groups of 2 rings apart such that each group is 90 Degrees from the group beside it.

The piece shown uses a 20Ga 3/32" coil for the X rings and 20Gu 1/8" connector rings.

Bands can be made in 2 configurations.... like 4 in 1 Euro you can tilt the weave 45 Degrees and make a band in either orientation. 1 gives you XOXOXO the other is +o+o+o.

A really cool usefor this weave that I've done used 24Ga 1/16"ID coil for the X rings and made a 4 unit wide sheet into a square tube.

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Japanese, Chain, NSR, Variant

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