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Weave Description
Dragonscale is basically two European 4 in 1 weaves interwoven. Two ring sizes must be used to make this weave. Large rings only go through small rings. The smaller ring's outer diameter must be at least slightly smaller than the larger ring's inner diameter.

The sample displayed uses galvanized steel rings made from .057" (1.45mm / 17 SWG) wire wrapped on 1/4" (6.35mm), and 3/8" (9.525mm) mandrels. Measured ID's are .272" (6.91mm), (AR of 4.8) and .410" (10.41mm) (AR of 7.2). These are fairly liberal ARs which allow for quite a bit of flexibility.

Assuming the same wire size is used for both ring types in the weave, the minimum for the small ring is around AR of 3.6. The large ring in this case must have an AR that's at least 2.0 higher than the small rings'.
(small ring ID + 2*WD) / WD).

This picture shows the weave at different biases.

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European, Sheet, Scaled, Alpha, Helm

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