TRF and a chainmaille faerie
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TRF and a chainmaille faerie
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Posted on Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:50 am
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I was a dufus and forgot to charge my camera before I went to the Texas Ren Fest. So no pictures for Euar of his newest creation .. the Chainmail Faerie.
Now I know that during the day of the 13th, over 100 different people took pictures of that outfit, and I am praying that -SOMEONE- here was there and got a few. Because on the way back to the campsite a -ahem- large and rude person slammed into the wings and instead of stopping and getting untangled crushed through and ripped the maille wings and damaged the suit. My friend was extremely displease with said person, I happened to be looking the other way at that moment and didn't see them - or they would have had tire tracks on them .. I swear! -

End result, the piece is heavily damaged, and undergoing repairs and upgrades - 4 wing design, reforcement to linkages etc.. however this means I have no pictures of the simpler version.

IM or PM me here if you happen to be one of the kind hearted folks that took pictures and are willing to share.

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