The Chainmaille Book Project needs your help!
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The Chainmaille Book Project needs your help!
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Posted on Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:16 am
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We are making a section full of projects, and we need feedback from as many maillers as possible:

The difficulty and feasability of each project will be explained to the reader by its number ranking on 3 seperate scales (skill level, time, and "sanity factor").

Using polls, we would like to get your opinions on where the proposed projects should be placed.

For each project we will post 3 seperate polls (1 for each category) for as long as needed, until we have enough to get a good feel of the mailling community's opinion at large. We will then average out the responses to get that projects number. In addition, you can write a response about anything you feel is worth mentioning about it - the things brought up most frequently mentioned will be included in the book. (example: It may be mentioned often that closing 14g stainless rings in a tight Jens Pind can be difficult, especially without the right pliers)

Here are the categories - to the extent that is relevant, the reader will be given all the information mentioned in this post.

Skill Level:

Novice - a good first project

Beginner - a few weaves under your belt, all or mostly simple weaves

Intermediate - have branched out into other families, beginning to understand the theory of Persian weaves. Closures are getting better and easier.

Advanced - You understand most of the theory behind each weave, and may be inventing new weaves yourself. As you refine your technique you'll become very familiar with Aspect Ratio, making less forgiving weaves and projects somewhat easy

Expert - You have mastered most weaves by now, and probably know many dozens, if not hundreds of weaves from memory. Your connections are flawless, and you probably have more mandrels than an organ has pipes.


less than one hour
1 to 2 hours
2 to 5 hours
5 to 15 hours
15 to 50 hours
over 50 hours

Sanity Factor:

Pure number system of 1-10. 1 being "quick and easy", 10 being "locked in a padded room".

While the first 2 scales are based more on physical results you've had in the past, this one depends more on your feelings. Base your response on how overwhelmed or motivated you feel when considering this project, or how you felt after you completed it. The scale is left deliberately vague - every person has their own opinion about what an "8" feels like, and every person has a different opinion on where a hauberk should be placed. This is only intended as a guide, and the reader will be made well aware of it.

The purpose of this category is sort of an 'x' factore - to give the reader the most accurate representation of what he/she will be getting into.

For example, consider making a 20 sq/ft curtain of dragonscale. Skillwise it may fall into the beginner/intermediate range, and time-wise it would be in the "over 50 hours" range. If this were all the information you had, you may attempt it thinking "I could easily do that in a couple of months if I just devote an hour or two each day". While this may be true, we need the Sanity Factor to relay just how mind-numbingly tedious it would be!

We'll refer back to this post each time we do a poll, so don't worry about trying to remember all this! Thanks!

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