Away for 2.5 weeks
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Away for 2.5 weeks
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Posted on Sat Mar 05, 2005 11:40 pm
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Hi guys,

I'm going to New Zealand from the 10th to the 25th of March, so I'll probably be back on board 28th or so, and because the trip and it's associated planning and stress will be over, I will have more time to devote to adminning the Gallery.

We're going to my cousin's wedding, then backpacking around the place.

10 Fly in ChCh (O/N ChCh Nana's)
11 ChCh - Akaroa (O/N ChCh Fiona's)
12 ChCh - Wedding (O/N ChCh Fiona's)
13 Hanmer Springs (O/N ChCh Fiona's)
14 8.00am bus to Timaru/Timaru/4.20pm bus to ChCh/7.30pm Bus to Otira (O/N Victoria's)
15 Arthur's Pass (O/N Victoria's)
16 Arthur's Pass/3.00pm Train back to ChCh (O/N Fiona's)
17 TranzCoastal Train to Picton, Ferry to Wellington (O/N Smeg's)
18 Wellington - Wellington and Wairarapa Tour (O/N Smeg's)
19 Wellington - Porirua (O/N Smeg's)
20 Wellington - (O/N Bus to Rotorua)
21 Rotorua (O/N Rotorua YHA)
22 Bus to Hamilton/ Hamilton (O/N Pies' or Hamilton YHA)
23 Hamilton (O/N Pies' or Hamilton YHA)
24 Bus to Auckland/Auckland
25 Auckland/Fly out

Crazy stuff, and I'm hoping that I've not bitten off more than we can chew :p


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Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2005 2:12 am
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Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! Have fun!

I'll tack on here, too, that I'll be out from March 7-11, in Corpus Christi on business. I might be able to check in from time to time, but I doubt it. If you like, just let the articles submissions sit, and I'll get them when I get back. Very Happy

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