Accidental Mailling
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Accidental Mailling
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Posted on Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:16 pm
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Hello everyone,

I'm new and I thought I'd post a quick intro here since the intro thread that appeared when I registered didn't appear to have any activity since around 2010.

My name is Tim and I live in central NY. I'm an analyst during the day and I've been a hobbyist jeweler for about 7 years. So, about a year ago I had a friend (who is a hobbyist accessories designer) come to me and ask for something cool to embellish a handbag he was designing. So, I sat down at my bench and made a panel out of jump rings that I thought gave it a unique look. I was pretty proud of it as I'd never made anything like this before. Showed it to a friend of mine (active in SCA) who basically said:

"Yeah, that's great. It's called a European 4-in-1."

Well, I felt a little silly about that as I thought I was exceedingly clever. Then again, it's kind of cool that I stumbled upon it just by tinkering. Anyway, I have taken to Mailling right now because I have a small child at home who requires both attention and safety and so I've packed up a lot of my jewelry equipment. Chainmail, however, is something I can leave and come back to with very little set up time (so it's the perfect sort of thing to just pick up and drop when naps begin and end).

Anyway, I've decided to practice a bit more often and try to learn some new and exciting weaves. And I enjoy a good discussion forum so I thought I'd come by and get a sense of community out of this hobby as well.

I look forward to meeting and chatting with all of you.

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Posted on Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:20 am
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Very Happy That's how a lot of us have stumbled across "maille". "OMG! Look what I made! This MUST be new!" I love how cool and egotistical-less you are about it! Keep linking rings, and you will eventually make something that everyone will say "I ALREADY MADE THAT!" Very Happy It's addictive and very fun.

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Posted on Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:51 am
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My physics teacher had a saying: "Keep it simple do it well" I've seen (and fixed) some shocking examples of 4 in 1 in my time. A simple piece well executed is worth more than a shoddily made complexity.

It doesn't matter how easy or hard the design is to make. It's the passion behind the execution of the art that matters. It's the difference between "it'll do" and "it needs to be right". However humble the weave it's that passion you need to keep as the quality of your art depends upon it.

Welcome to the boards!

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