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Heads Up Aussies
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Posted on Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:34 pm
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For the Aussie maillers, thought you might like to know that AussieMaille are having their "12 Days of Christmas" sale, starting today. Each day, a different category of items is on sale. Today it's scales.

While Aussie Maille is by no means as cheap as The Ring Lord, and for some things (such as scales) it seems likely that they're reselling TRL items, there are some things they have which TRL doesn't, or where their quality is much higher than TRL. For example, Aussie Maille's Bright Aluminium rings are beautiful - shiny, polished, gleaming - where TRL's BA is dull in comparison. And of course, the postage for Aussies is MUCH MUCH cheaper than from TRL.

So... things to note for the different sale days:

Day 1: Scales

The Premium Scales come in colours that the TRL shiny small scales don't come in.

Day 2: Findings

Take a look at the clasps if you are looking for fancy clasps and toggle clasps.

Day 3: Anodized Niobium Jump Rings

Some of the ring sizes come in "rainbow", where the rings themselves are all multi-coloured.

Day 4: Beads

If you like working with glass rings, check out the Czech beads donut rings.

Day 5: Base Metal Jump Rings

As I said above, their Bright Aluminium is beautiful, check it out.

Day 6: Pliers

You probably already have pliers...

Day 7: Precious Metals Jump Rings

They have silver filled and Argentium silver as well as the usual Sterling silver and gold filled.

Day 8: Anodized Aluminium Jump Rings

Some ring sizes have colours you can't get at TRL, such as Dark Chocolate and Light Green (which is a lime green).

Day 9: Tools (except pliers) and Accessories

Not sure if there will be anything interesting there. Depends what you're looking for.

Day 10: Dot Box Storage Products

You may or may not find these useful.

Day 11: Kits

Is anyone interested in kits? I'm not.

Day 12: Square Wire Jump Rings

I particularly like the Bronze ones.

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