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Posted on Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:01 am
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just wanted to leave sum photos of my last project. Basically it's yet undfinished as i don't have carried of these cat-ears, but for the rest, i consider it to be the biggest thing, i've ever made and i used techniques from taylorship and leatherworking (mask) as well as chainmail. We presented it at a tiny fashion-show in Berlin.

Me, "Little Nemo" on Facebook
Photos by Lux Artifex, Berlin, @FB
Starring Kitty Wild

Basically it's one of my new version of mail-bikinis. I added arms (and originally legs; they got lost over time) from a lace cat-suit, hooked on shoulders and scissor-hand-bases. Scissors are cut from steel-band and its holders are shaped in fake-fur. Coat and skirt are from same fake-fur and red fake patent leather. I also added suspenders from fake-fur which got a tail and chains as holders. The mask is made from leather shaped into real black cow-fur and for the whiskers i used sum broom's bristles.

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