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Posted on Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:49 am
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Slagr wrote:
I was thinking lately that there should be a tag for weaves which are isomorphic, in the sense that every ring in the weave has the same connections as every other ring. So weaves like E4-1, Hoodoo Hex Sheet, Moorish Rose, Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1, odd JPLs, etc would be considered isomorphic whereas weaves like Elfsheet, Vipera Berus Sheet, Japanese 6 in 1, Byzantine, Alligator River etc would all be considered non-isomorphic. This would naturally exclude all weaves with more than one ring size as well.
was the term "pure" never put in the glossary? i seem to remeber a refference to weaves with identical connections for each ring being a "pure weave" did this term fall out of favor? though i can't say i've seen more than the one time it was used and wonder what the real function of such a reference would be. there was another term a slightly less pure though i never quite understood the description and can't remeber the term, perhaps it had something to do with being subject to handedness. rather than use a loaded term like "pure" we could say there are single stage weaves like the alpha weaves, double stage weaves like the simplest Japanese tessellations, triple quadruple stage and so on though i would have to search for examples of these and im not going to at this moment.

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