WTT: CoD Black OPS (PS3) New/Sealed - For maille supplies
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WTT: CoD Black OPS (PS3) New/Sealed - For maille supplies
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Posted on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:51 am
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Title says it all.

I have a new sealed copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3...
Came with the system... 160Gb bundle... I'm not a Call of Duty player... In fact, after living in Canada for half of my life, military games in general just aren't my cup of tea Coif LoL
I know little about PS3's region lock, but I suspect this won't work outside North America, sorry Europeans/Aussies.

Rather than flog it on eBay or who knows what, I figure I'd give my fellow maillers a shot at it first.

As far as Gamestop/eBGames is concerned, this is $55ish +tax... So I'm looking to get a comparable value in ring/wire trade for it...

Looking for:
Sawcut Rings only... Think: Silver, EC, etc... Jewellery sizes, pref. Not Aluminium or Steel in armour sizes... Sorry folks, just no use for them.
Silver Wire (Sterling or Argenitum, not fine) Again, jewellery gauges.
Anything anodizeable (with the exception of 24g Niobium... I have that in

And/Or make me an offer... I'm not heartless, but I am fair... Smile

Reminder: I live in Canada. This will probably affect what you have to pay for shipping, and may incur customs duties (usually appropriate state taxes plus a $5-10 "brokerage fee")... If this is a problem, I totally understand... I'm used to dealing with the border, but a lot of US folk are not.

Since I also mod the Trading Room, I'll remind you... Negotiations via PM please...

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