FS: Overlapped Titanium Rings
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FS: Overlapped Titanium Rings
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Posted on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:00 pm
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I have some 15 pounds of leftover Al6-V4 rings from several unfilled orders. The wire is from TRL and the rings were made by Vodvarka Springs.

ID: 5/16" (acutal 0.320")

Wire: 0.045" ('18ga')

Overlap: around 0.1", wound left-handed.

1862 rings / square foot of E4-1

3250 rings / pound.

I'd like to get $60 per pound + s&h though for large amounts (more than a couple of pounds) I can cut some off of the price. Shipping will be via USPS flat rate (insured) unless otherwise specified. I can take PayPal or money order.



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