FOR SALE: 74 Rod Mandrel Sets, any length.
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Posted on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:37 pm
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Sorry all for the lag in response. My Farmers Market management just fell, lock-stock and barrel, literally, into my lap....I've got our 10th anniversary weekend, radio broadcast folks, fiddlers, farmers and artisans all clambering at my phone and inbox.

All the info there:
The two sets I have available right now are:81 rod set....every size except those highlighted below.
6 inch set of 81....$99.00
8 inch set of 81....$120.00

40 rod set....sizes 1/16 to #20
6 inch set of 40.....$40.00

Free shipping on US orders.
All International will ship USPS Priority @ cost$-
(small sets run about $14.00, and large sets generally run $25-30, except Canada, which I will figure individually)

Of course we can talk about longer sets, and I do have some lengths of the rod that are not included, and I have individual fractions in /64's, all the ones in the list, priced reasonable.


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Posted on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:55 am
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No problem Kodiak; I appreciate your reply at all, given your new found responsibilities. PM has been sent your way.

As one of the lucky few to have flown and made it to my destination on 9/11, I appreciate your sentiment.

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