Criteria for adding Links
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Criteria for adding Links
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Posted on Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:52 pm
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Hey folks. I know this is probably going to be a silly question, but regardless, I still don't know the definitive answer.

What are the guidlines for approving links to the link section? Does it have to be a site that has something maille related?

The reason I ask, there is a person who has submitted thier site to be added. It's a really nice Stained glass art site (they sell their stuff on the site).

I've approved links before that were maille related and nice, and more than one teaching group..but this one has me taking a pause and wondering just what the guidelines are for links. I checked the FAQ, but it has everything BUT info for adding links.

Can anyone give me a clue?

Oh, BTW, there are two submissions for new weaves that have been sitting on the bottom of the page for a while now. do we still have an active weaves admin?


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Posted on Fri Apr 07, 2006 1:04 am
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Yeah it's me, those two, one has been there a while - the other is fairly recent. I think I meant to reject both, or at least the first. Maybe I forgot about it?

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