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Posted on Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:28 pm
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WhiteheartJ wrote:
djgm is right. That's what I wanted to originally mean. Forgive me my dearies I've been at work since my last post, EMS loves to keep me busy. I do like Mailleheart... It would give my husband a bit more creativity in designing a logo...

You can also reference Arthurian legend (hardly an inappropriate reference for maillers!). A white heart was an albino deer, which features prominantly in several legends. Sure, it's Euro-centric, but if you live in Europe or the USA that's hardly unusual (if it came to court I could burry them--literally--in literary references that are Eurocentric and NOT being taken to court).

I understand the desire to avoid conflict, but if someone's going to be offended by the term "white" in a name they're looking for an excuse to take offense and nothing you do will stop them. There's no sense in trying to do so.

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Posted on Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:55 pm
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Assuming WhiteheartJ lives in Kentucky, it is reasonable to assume that the necessary bureaucracy to register a trademark and business name exists, and that they clerks there will tell them if the name is already in use.

Trademarks and manes cannot actually get stolen, but let us take coca-cola for example. The bottle was copied, the font was copied, the label designs were copied, even the taste was somewhat copied, but coca-cola still sells.

The important is not how your business called, but what are you going to sell, how you will communicate with costumers, how will you service them, what kind of attention and care you have for their orders, etc.

The reason I do not drink coca-cola is because they gone political and pro-GMO, including anti-GMO-lebeling.

You guys in America have the First Amendment that protects freedom of speech, and also the Sixth that guarantees a speedy trial. We do not. Yes, we have human rights, but Belgium is too far away and unless you are very rich you cannot go there.
But on the other hand, people in America need little reason to sue. Did a guy not sued God for being responsible for every death since the dawn of time?

Dinwar, some people are going to get offended by any colour, and even if you say "woman" or "man", because you should not put "labels" on people. Go figure. We have such loonies "preaching" on buses....

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