Chest measurement without padding
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Chest measurement without padding
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Posted on Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:24 pm
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Hello everyone. This is my first post and my first project.

I am making a haburgeon (14g Gal Steel, 3/8 ID, E4/1) and after a significant amount of reading I think I am ready to begin. I however am not going to be using it for fighting so will not be wearing padding under it. How does this affect the +10 in chest measurement?

Thank you!! I am excited to join the community. Smile

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Posted on Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:40 pm
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Hello Tomoda!

I think you should take on all the clothes that you want to wear underneath the armour. Then take the measurements and add 10 cm.

Now I'm assuming that you'll have no help while you're putting on the armour:
If you put the armour on like a jacket it is not so important to add the 10 cm. Usually your body will change a little bit when time goes by - especially at christmas Rolling Eyes - so you should always add a few cm.

If you put the armour on like a sweater, then the added length is very important. Because of the movement in your shoulders you'll need the additional room.

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Posted on Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:58 am
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Welcome and well come, Tomoda!

Liebe Catweazle: inches, not centimeters, so, 23cm added -- though this is without putting any clothes on. We end up in about the same place, either way -- as long as we are quite clear which method we're going to use! Coif LoL

You could go leaner, Tomoda,but that 10"/23cm extra is there both for room to wear a gambeson beneath for, well, serious stuff, and to give you slack in the shirt with that gambeson on. A pretty open AR like you're using will have a lot of expand-collapse resiliency and would collapse down neatly on you and still have a little ways it could go, with ten inches extra on the chest.

The waistline can go leaner, unless you're not leaner there, but even somebody with a little bit extra is still likely to have a waist smaller around overall than his chest.

If you add somewhat less than 10 inches extra around the chest, it will save some weight in the shirt.

To check for sufficient slack -- and this will mean more breadth across the back of the shirt than the front of it, for sleeve freedom so it won't bind any of your motions -- see if you can touch your elbows together, or stack your elbows one on the other, in front of you. Sufficient slack in the mail plus a small trifle more (particularly with whatever you are going to habitually wear under your mailshirt) means the shirt is the perfect size for you.

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