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Posted on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:21 am
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Maille_Fantasy wrote:
That's a nice looking piece, Femailler. I've seen a few braided/twisted pieces and this doesn't look overly heavy. (I guess 22G and 24G can't make anything look heavy...)

Yeah it was a fairly delicate piece. I think the behavior of Helm Chain lends itself well to weaving, as it's nice and neat with no floppy/loose links, and it also prefers to only bend one direction and not the other (like a bicycle chain), so it lays flat pretty well. I had tried to make a bracelet out of the exact same design, but it wouldn't lay against the skin because it wanted to bend the other direction. So this only works if you're making a flat piece, or something with a gradual enough curve that the Helm Chain can bend to it (like a necklace or belt).



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