For Sale: Chainmaille Jumprings
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For Sale: Chainmaille Jumprings
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Posted on Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:27 pm
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*EDIT* Based on rule 8. Commercial sites, I think I'm in compliance.

Hello everyone,

David here from I figured we had grown enough and it was time to offer our supplies to the M.A.I.L. community.

A little back-story: I have been making my own jumprings for a long time. When I started to realize that other people were interested in purchasing them I started to plan out a site where me and my team could sell our products. I did that on a site where we sold our jewelry, but for about a year we struggled to get customers. In January of this year we had the grand re-opening of our supply site at a new address of Which I can say is a bit more successful because of the descriptive name.

We have been around for almost a full year now at our new address and have had many satisfied customers.

Opening it up to M.A.I.L., I hope to gain a few more satisfied customers. Register and use the coupon code MAIL10 to get 10% off your first order.

We offer great domestic shipping rates. $3 for orders up to 10 oz. and USPS priority rates of $4.95, and $10.95 depending on order size and shipping speed, your choice. Never pay more for shipping than you would at the post office yourself, and never wait 2 weeks for your order to be packed and shipped. All (non-custom) orders shipped within 1-3 days with tracking numbers. We are currently shipping to all of the US and Canada(CA shipping for the appropriate shipping costs).

Most rings saw cut, with a few selections of other types of rings. We try our hardest to make what we can in house but we do have a few products that we have to order, like rubber rings and our limited selection of machine cut rings(from a US supplier if we can).

We specialize in BA (bright aluminum) rings in 35+ sizes, no kidding right, but we offer over 100 different rings in BA, brass, bronze, copper, EC, stainless and throw in a few selections of square wire rings as well. Custom orders always welcomed, if you want it we probably can make it for you.

I hope to hear from you, and hope that we can offer you the great service and great products that many people have received since January.

Thanks for your time.

David and the staff at
Your source for high quality jumprings in many materials.

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