Help identifying a maille weave
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Posted on Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:57 pm
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Shea, when doing any type of wire-weaving you need to keep you tension of the wire consistent. From the pictures you just posted, it looks like you are using different tensions on each wire and it's coming out uneven. Some of the wires are too loose in those images, so pull them tighter when you weave them. This (combined with thinner wire) should also help with the issue of too many kinks. Just keep practicing, it'll get easier and look better the more you work at it. Also, I've tried wire-weaving with aluminum and it isn't very well suited to these types of techniques. I'd definitely suggest using a metal that is not as soft as aluminum is. If you are used to working with hard or half-hard wire, then using wire like soft copper will seem strange at first, but it is stronger than it is usually given credit for and it will work harden as you weave it. You need the more malleable, softer wire for these kinds of techniques because hard wire and, often, even half-hard wire is too brittle and will snap as you try to use it.

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Posted on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:09 pm
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Thanks for the suggestions! I worked a little bit last night and I definitely felt my technique improving. Big thing I did that helped a lot was threading it through the loop before tightening on the dowel, whereas before I was tightening it around the dowel first and then trying to fight the thing to get through the loop. That caused a lot of kinks that I could have avoided.

Thinner wire will probably help, and I know I ought to practice a bit, but I like the look of the 16g and I'm on a time constraint (sort of--hoping to have this done for the end of November), so I think I'll push through and keep at it. Picked up some 16g copper wire, think I'll stay away from the Aluminum for the time being. I'll be sure to keep posting photos of my progress! Thanks again everyone. Smile

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