WTS: Special Blue AA rings
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WTS: Special Blue AA rings
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Posted on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:10 am
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These are overstock rings from a special custom batch we made for a customer.
These rings have a speckled look to them, they are not solid blue. (maybe 5% are solid, the rest have white parts) The outer sides of the rings are blue, and the sides are white. (Thats not light reflecting off the shiny parts of the rings, those are the white parts) This gives the rings a cool two-tone effect. This effect varies from ring to ring, with some rings having more/less white than others. Size is 16g (.063") 1/4" ID

I have 3lbs of rings. I would like to get rid of them, so they get the special extra low price of only $40/lb, or $100 for all 3. PM/email if you want them.
I will also consider trades for Fine Silver (rings/wire/bullion) or Niobium wire (any gauge).

Make saw cut rings: http://www.Ringinator.com/

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