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Fund Raising Chainmaille Store
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Posted on Mon Apr 28, 2003 2:30 am
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I know i posted the following message to the Knitting Circle, but it seems especially on-topic here...


The site above is the new source for any new discussion for the online store that I have proposed. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this venture, a cash donation is requested, but not required. Sell any of your wares for no initial cost, but only a commission that is to be negotiated between those interested in the early stages of development.

Anyone interested, go to the site above and sign up. Make your voice heard now, and you get a higher status, allowing you more access on the site and the ability to customize you parts of the page. Post pics like you do here, and discuss the same issues as they discuss here, though only those regarding the site.

Let it be known, that a monthly donation to this site will be given once the store gets enough maillers to warrant this expense.

With enough support, we can become the single largest store online for chainmaille, people will come to our location, knowing that they can get anything and everything, and quickly.

Have your voice heard, be a part of the effort that will help all of M.A.I.L.?s money issues disappear for ever.

- Spider

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