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Copper and Brass
Article © MAIL User: battlecow

I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered this trick to cleaning copper. You will need white vinegar, salt, aluminum ( foil, cooking pan, pie plate, or bar stock ). I warn you that in order for this to work, the aluminum will be eaten away to nothingness.
First find a container of suitable size (I use a large plastic bucket). If you are using aluminum foil, you should weigh it down at the bottom of your container somehow. Add enough vinegar to completly submerse your chainmail. I am not sure how much salt you should add, but I suggest you add it until it stops dissolving. Place your copper in, and presto! It's done. You don't need to leave it in for more that a few seconds. Take it out, rinse in water, dry, and you're finished. If you take the aluminum out of the liquid before it turns black, you can reuse the liquid again.

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