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Pool Noodle Maille
Article © MAIL User: Firemedic

Tools needed:
Cutting Board, Standard Knife, Razor Knife
Hot Glue Gun, Pool Noodles
Image: 1knives.jpg Image: GlueGun.jpg

Cut the noodles into disks:
Image: 2cuttingdisks.jpg

Once you have your disks:
Image: 3cutdisks.jpg

You need to trim and separate them into two rings:
Image: 4trimmingrings.jpg

You will end up with two different sized rings:
Image: 5seperaterings.jpg
This is where some trial and error comes in, determining what AR you need for your project.

Open the rings you need open:
Image: 7openingrings.jpg

Weave in the rings as necessary for your weave of choice:
Image: 8weavingrings.jpg

Use the hot glue gun to close your rings:
Image: GlueGun.jpg

Enjoy a finished product.
Image: PoolFloat.jpg
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