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2-Sided Scale
Article © MAIL User: Karl the heretiK

About 7 years ago, I decided to try my hand at making scale earrings. I've always been a big fan of scalemaille when viewed from the front, but not a big fan when viewed from the back. This prompted me to make an earring that was 2-sided, and here was my solution...

1) Take 2 scales... place them back-to-back... and pass 4 rings through the hole as shown in picture. I am using the small scales from Ring Lord (9/16" x 7/8", .22" hole) with 18g SWG, 3/16" ID rings in these pictures.

Image: Karls2sidedscale1.jpg

2) Make enough units for your entire project and lay them out. This is VERY IMPORTANT. 2-sided scale objects should always be built FROM THE BOTTOM UP. If you want to try to build them from the top down, good luck!

Image: Karls2sidedscale2.jpg

3) Pass a larger ring in between the scales of the 1st unit, catching the inside edges of the top set of the small rings as in the picture. This is just like constructing Byzantine, only using a scale. I'm using an 18g SWG, 1/4" ID ring in this example.

Image: Karls2sidedscale3.jpg

4) Pick up the 2nd unit and hold at an angle less than 180 degrees. While this isn't absolutely necessary to be less than 180 degrees, it does make it easier to perform the next step because the bottom (outside) rings can slide forward.

Image: Karls2sidedscale4.jpg

5) Now for the tricky part. Take the large ring that's attached to the 1st unit and pass it through the 2 outside set of the small rings on the 2nd unit.

Image: Karls2sidedscale5.jpg

6) Close large ring and there you are... 2-sided scales!

Image: Karls2sidedscale6.jpg

Image: Karls2sidedscale7.jpg

~Karl the heretiK

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