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Cheap and easy fancy dress maille
Article © MAIL User: orion-7

I'm a both a kayaker and reenactor, and shortly I have a competition at the national watersports centre in Nottingham. This includes a part at the end of the first night, this years theme being ancient world. So- I figured, that should be easy! Just use my reenactment gear!

However, the more hardcore kayakers (ie: the useless ones who get mullered every time they so much as look at water- so try and get points for being amusing instead) go down the river in fancy dress. So, I'll be foiling helmet, using a foamboard shield and a spear painted on my paddles. Then the thought of 'oh god, I need armour now... and maille sinks!'

Went to my local Focus hardware store and picked up some pipe insulation (22mm ID 'payless five-pack' for 2.99). Took a largeish sharp knife (for gods sake dont use a saw!!!!) and sliced it into very thin rings, of about 4-6mm thickness. Used the ready cut dent as a mark to open half of these new rings and proceeded to make a sheet. LO! It works! It's incredibly dense (and snuggly warm too) so doesn't really look too much like conventional maille, but

a)it's cheap
b)it floats!
Highly recommended :D

Oh yes, and did I mention my kayak is being turned into a papier mache horse?
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