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A Pumpkin
Article © MAIL User: Inventor

Image: pumpkinlarge.jpg

Rings Used: 172 12 ga 1/2" (orange AA)
Pliers Used: any two plus one big pair
Wire Used: 12 ga a few feet long (brown AA)
Hacksaw Used: fine toothed
File Used: any

A Pumpkin
How would you like to make a really easy pumpkin out of chainmaille? You're 172 rings and some twisty wire away from having your own pumpkin, just follow these directions.

The history of the maille pumpkin goes back to 2008 when I made the first one. It was an attempt at making a sphere that failed, but turned into a pumpkin instead of a failure so it was kind of a Cinderella story, haha. Basically it's an Easy Spherical Sphere with too large of an aspect ratio. To make a really good spherical sphere you use an AR of 4.8, but the 12 ga 1/2" rings of this example have an AR of 5.2 which is much higher in this application.

Weaving Instructions
I'm going to refer you to the original article: Easy Spherical Sphere Example. You will simply make one of those spheres with a much looser aspect ratio, and end up with a pumpkin instead of a sphere. Just don't mind all the comments about how difficult it is in tight spots because the weave is loose enough that it won't bind up like that.

Stump Instructions
We need to hold the ends of the pumpkin together or else it flops around like a beanbag, and that isn't very pumpkin-ish. So we take our wire in one-foot lengths, three of them folded in half, and insert them from bottom to top. Then we gather the wire together and twist it to form a stump. Use a big pair of pliers to do this. After you've got the twisting satisfactory, use a hacksaw to cut off the stump and discard the excess wire. File the sharp edges for safety.

Although it's a little bit complicated at first glance to go through the effort of making a spherical sphere, you will notice the well rounded shape of the pumpkin that results. After a few tries you get to where you can crank them out pretty fast, too, so I figure it would make a good craft show seller perhaps? At any rate, have fun making your pumpkin!
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