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Cleaning and Polishing in One Easy Step
(Rolling Bucket)
Article © MAIL User: cerddor

This is a very simple technique that I know for sure works on brass, bronze, copper, and steel. I suspect it works well on aluminum and titanium as well.

All you have to do is half-fill an appropriately sized bucket (with tight-fitting lid) with clean, dry sand. Place your mail in the bucket and seal it. Find yourself a nice, long hill that doesn't end in a river, road, construction zone or other hazards. Take your bucket to the top and roll it down a few times. You can also set it on the floor and roll it back and forth or back and forth down a side-walk or driveway with a friend. Remove it from the bucket and shake the sand out of it. Voila, you've now cleaned your metal.

This removes any oxidation on the metal and polishes it at the same time.
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