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Welding Maille for a Riveted Look
Article © MAIL User: cerddor

This is a technique I saw a friend of mine use on one of his cars that he was revamping.
It's really quite simple but may be more expensive initially than most are willing to spend.

First, I suppose a list of materials would be helpful:
1)a spot welder (auto shops often have these and may be willing to sell you an older one that they don't use, or have a friend that owns one is best)
2)electrician's gloves
3)the usual ring making accessories
4)a press (hydrolic or otherwise) (optional)

Go ahead and make your springs as you normally would. When you cut the rings, cut them with some overlap, otherwise you will end up with oval rings. If you're using a press, use it now to flatten the overlapping ends together. This is not necessary, but it does look nicer. Then use the spot welder to weld the rings closed. Once you've done this, you can drop molten metal on the weld divet to form a small mound that you can later pound lightly to give it a rounded rivet look. That's all there is to it.

Cutting the rings takes the longest and you may want to file the ends at that point depending on how you cut the rings. Welding them takes no time at all. I can do about 3 rings every 5 seconds once I get moving.
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