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Torch Welding Aluminum Rings
Article © MAIL User: thexnihil

This article will focus on welding aluminum chainmaille rings with a torch. I personally use an acetelyne brazing torch, but the $8 propane or mapp gas ones should work just as well.

First off i would like to make clear that you need to be using special aluminum flux, and old flux will not work on AL. I use Welco #10 flux which is a powder and can be purchased at most welding stores probably.

Once you have the flux purchased the next step is to prepare the rings. With welding aluminum, you will most likely only be able to weld the rings when theyre lying flat, so making a weave from 100% welded AL rings will be hard. The first thing you need to do with the rings is close them so they are nearly PERFECTLY closed. With AL, you cannot take a stick and melt more into the gap. Next lay them out on a firebrick, far enough away from eachother where when youre heating one the others will not get melted. After that you sprinkle on a bit of the flux. Finally, heat the rings slowly. What you will notice is that where the ring is butted and where the flux was applied slowly start to flow together. Be sure to let the rings cool for a second or two before you quench them (if you feel the need to quench them), if you do not, the ring may still be plastic-like and deform.

After the rings are welded i suggest hammering them around a bit to get some temper back in them. As of now, i have successfully welded 5356 and 5354 alloys with this method. Goodluck.
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