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Final Fantasy 1 Sprites and Ness!
Article © MAIL User: Demosthenes

Drax started us off with his wonderful 8 bit conversion article and Black Mage Inlay (Found here: Converting 8-bit Images Into Inlays (Includes Black Mage Inlay)). I figured I would finish the job for those too lazy to do it themselves. First three were done by hand using said method, last three were made in IGP when I figured out how to get the program to do it for me. All inlays are 16ga 3/16" ID (0.62" X 0.206 ID) Also note I did not include background ring counts because I figure the background can be however large you want.
Image: nessmaille2.gif

Black 468

Red 124

Blue 196

Skin Colour 272

Yellow 64

Total 1124
Image: fightermaille.gif

Black 456

Red 668

Skin Colour 212

White 24

Total 1360
Image: whitemagemaille.gif

Black 500

White 640

Red 276

Skin Colour 72

Total 1488
Image: thiefmaille.gif

Black 424

Yellow 292

Brown 288

Blue 304

Total 1308
Image: blackbeltmaille.gif

Black 324

Brown 404

Yellow 220

Blue 290

Total 1238
Image: redmagemaille.gif

Black 556

Red 620

White 176

Skin Colour 104

Total 1456

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