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Toothpaste and Sterling Jewelry
Article © MAIL User: Kali

The friend who got me into maille also suggested that I use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to polish my sterling silver earrings that I bought from her (and incidentally, the sterling silver necklace I made for myself). One night, when I was getting ready to hit the clubs, I noticed my earrings had begun to tarnish--so I whipped out the toothpaste and a toothbrush and scrubbed at them. It only takes a couple of minutes at most--the scrubbing takes away the tarnish proper, and then you can rinse off the toothpaste, and your silver is sparkly shiny again. I used the Crest kind with Scope, but I imagine you can use any kind as long as it's not a straight gel toothpaste. The same friend also said not to use harsh chemicals on your silver. Toothpaste works wonders, though, and it's something you're bound to have around the house.

[any chance of pics? pester kali if you want to see 'em -- ed.]

After a heads-up from Ukko, I looked further into this idea of using toothpaste. There appears to be two camps of people, the pro-toothpaste people and anti-toothpaste people when it comes to using it to clean silver. Some people love it, some hate it. The biggest worry appears to be the abrasives in toothpaste, which can mar the surface of the silver. It's also suggested that it may speed up retarnishing. Most anti-toothpaste people suggest using the relatively cheap silver buffing cloths. I suggest that you search the internet for more information if you're are concerned, but due to the debate still going on in this area, I felt compelled to add this information. -- Ed.
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