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Canadian Flag
Article © MAIL User: 14thWarrior

Here is an inlay for the Canadian Flag in European 4 in 1. It's a large inlay, consisting of 57 rows by 90 columns (rows and columns, hereby defined as being a single line of rings). A total of 5102 rings are needed for this inlay; 2622 red rings are needed for the stripes, 788 red rings are needed for the leaf, and 1692 white rings for the field.

The inlay pattern was created using AutoCAD (Yes, I did this at the office; but it was on my own time! ;)). Each ring is a block designed just such to provide the proper over under appearance of Euro 4 in 1 when arrayed properly; that's why the edge rings look broken up.

Creating the inlay pattern was an easy process of underlaying an image of the flag under the array of rings, then of changing the colors of appropriate rings to match the image.

This is the full inlay: The red stripes, left and right, are 23 columns wide by 57 rows (1311 rings each stripe).

Image: inlay_canflag_full.gif

The white field and leaf are a 44 column by 57 row section; it is shown in greater detail here. The individual rings are easier to see and count when the image is printed on hardcopy using a decent printer.

Image: inlay_canflag_leaf.gif

This inlay has been updated with a more accurate euro 4 in 1 ring grid, which consequently reduced the number of rings required.
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