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Dwarf Mail
Article © MAIL User: Eli

Dwarf Mail 4in1 is a similar weave to Double Maille, tutorial: Double Maille (CGI), both being a method of interconnecting two sheets of European 4 in 1. The only difference is that all of the rings in the second sheet of Dwarf Mail connect with the bottom sheet, while in Double Maille only half of the upper rings connect with the bottom sheet.

Silver rings are rings being added to the weave at the step. Brass-yellow rings are the rings the new ones pass through. Copper-red rings are idle rings at the step. Gold rings are rings needing further noting.

The rings in this tutorial have an AR of 5.

1. As with Double Maille, you start with a sheet of e4in1 in the size you want:
Image: de4in101.jpg

2. Now, add a new ring through two rings of the sheet. This ring is the base of the interconnected sheet. Note that it goes above the ring in the bottom sheet:
Image: de4in102.jpg

3. Add more rings in the same way as step 2, so that they cover the entire sheet you want to convert into Double Maille. The ring from step 2 is marked in gold:
Image: de4in103.jpg

4. Now pass a ring through the 4 of the top rings and 2 of the rings in the bottom sheet. The bottom connects in the same way as the ring in steps 2 and 3. The new ring goes through the upper rings in the same fashion as normal e4in1. Note that it through 6 rings, as opposed to Double Maille’s 4in1:
Image: dwe4in104.jpg

5. Continue adding ring in the same way as step 4 until you cover the whole base sheet by the second sheet. That’s it, you’re done:
Image: dwe4in105.jpg

This technique can be used for any European sheet weave (European 6 in 1, European 8 in 1, etc). The only modification would be to add the rings in steps 4 and 5 in the manner appropriate to the base weave.

And here’s a nice Dwarf Mail 4in1 in some pretty colors:
Image: dwe4in106.jpg
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