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Aviation Cutter Readjustment Instructions
Article © MAIL User: joystick

This article is to help to re-adjust your aviation snips when they are used for extensive cutting and become loose.

Step 1:
Loosen the locknut on blade readjustment bolt and unlock latch, freeing handles.

Step 2:
Hold the handles in closed position and tighten adjustment bolt by turning head of bolt with other hand. Tighten adjustment bolt just enough to hold handles in this position.

Step 3:
Tighten locknut on adjustment bolt.

Step 4:
Holding locknut in place, turn adjustment bolt head counterclockwise just enough to allow handles to spring open.

also, keep the inside blades lubed with machine oil or if you are like me(fat chance!) then you would lube it with WD-40

Hope it helps,

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