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Effects of Bright Aluminum Poisoning
Article © MAIL User: Bative

Awhile back, oh say, 2 months(?), I was playing with some bright aluminum coils at school. Soon I played with my lighter, too. Somehow my brain managed to combine the two play-things. Much to my surprise, I could melt the bright aluminum with the tip of my lighter flame.

I paid little heed to the warnings labeled on the wire spool (I had read it, but it was lost in my mind while I was melting away) and after my sickness, I realized that the warning had been in front me the whole time. After I began to feel better, I made notes on a piece of paper, of the physical and psychological effects of this poisoning.

Here are those notes.

Physical Effects:

If the physical effects weren't enough to deal with, there were also psychological effects.

Psychological Effects:

Overall the experience was very disturbing. I would not wish this poisoning upon even my worst enemy.

I hope my experiences will give people insight as to why there are warning labels on some spools of wire, and that we should heed these warnings for what they have to say.
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